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Yuk Intip Street Style Ala Hailley Baldwin

Perhatian fashion sekarang tertuju pada Hailey Baldwin akhir-akhir ini: 1. karena dia baru saja menikah dengan Justin Bieber (Gaun-gaun! Asesoris! RING!). Dan 2. karena posenya yang bak Posh Spice.   Hailey merupakan model Victoria Beckham yang  seksi, simple, tetapi tetap mempertahankan cirri khas sebagai Hailey Baldwin. Hailey Baldwin selalu serius dalam hal fashion, terutama gaya catwalk […]

How to Start Fashion Online Store: 5 Secret Tips

Fashion talk about your identity, style and yourself. People hunt for clothes, bag, shoes, clutch, etc. Mostly, women more than one dress or a new bag for the party. Moreover, many influencer and public figure collaborate with fashion retail. This business grows faster every year. Don’t miss out this opportunity. There are much successful business […]